Kira's Zanpakutou (Paitence)

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Kira's Zanpakutou (Paitence)

Post by lager1 on Wed Jan 13, 2016 1:21 am

Kira's current zanp isn't really done yet, the Shikai is pretty much generic and the Bankai move is just a fast 6 F combos, but that can be interrupted and it makes you have to stand still to deal all the hits, so it's quite the dangerous move, these are just few suggestions, hope it helps    Smile
Suggestions : 1ª Passive for Shikai : everytime you attack something, it apllies a debuff.
Example :      Heavy : You take 5% more damage and loses 0.1 Movement Speed
                   The debuff can be applied more than 1 time and it stacks addictively
                   Every instance of the debuff lasts for 3 seconds
                   2ª Active for Bankai : Deals execution damage that increases by the amount of Heavy debuff instances applied to the enemy. This move's damage increases by 2* the amount of Heavy debuffs applied to the enemy and cleanses the enemy before it(removing all  debuffs) I.E, a person with 9 Heavy Debuff instances, takes 45% more damage. This skill deals 90% more damage to that target.
                   3ª SLowdown Slashfest : Give it a damage similar to Triple attack; where the first hit deals the highest amount of damage, then it falls off untill the last one. All of these hits should also applies Heavy Debuff.

I know these are quite big changes, and there's alot to be done in the game already with bug fixing and whatnot but I just hope this could help you guys with figuring out Skills and how some Zanps works


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