Washu's Application

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Washu's Application

Post by Washu on Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:02 am

Position you are applying for: Moderator

In-Game Name:Akemi

What do you think of the current staff: I think they are great staff, Friendly and quick to enforce rules when needed.

Why you are applying: I am applying for Moderator because I have experience as such, And would think I can benefit the team by helping in this way.

Staff Experience: 1 year Moderator on Bleach Eternity Remake, Promoted to Head Admin and then Co Owner under the name Washu, key was Washu_Kuya.
3 months as Moderator on Bleach Eternity: Jupiter under the name Meowshu, Server went dead after those 3 months.

I work on a game that's not a Byond game called "Dark Ages" as a Guard (Player Moderator) under the name Socialism.
(It's a game by KRU formerly Nexon)

I use to work as Human Resources in Real Life, And know how to advertise real well. And can implement that in my in game assignments. Currently I am a retired iconner.

Game Experience: 174 hours on this server level 292
431 combined hours on Zeus, Level 233
1923 combined hours (roughly) on Bleach Eternity Remake, Over level 10,000
310 hours on Falacy's server (The ORIGINAL) level 91. as a Quincy
2160 hours on Bleach Eternity: Jupiter Level 205


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