Kidou, Melee and Training

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Kidou, Melee and Training

Post by Pillow on Mon Jan 11, 2016 2:46 pm

Kidou, Melee and Training


Kidou builds are only effective if your accuracy is high.
Your goal is to have the minimum amount of kidou. As kidou already has a high damage output, you don't have to worry about having tons of mgc, or kidou trait, although this is still a source of the Kidou Build.

Kidou Builds are very popular throughout all of B.E, this reason is because of white lightning. This kidou has great damage output, and does damage per second. This would be your main attack, while training. Another series of skills that are valuable to this kidou build would be rei rage and spirit charge.

To effectively train with a kidou build, a player should farm/group mobs/enemies of the appropriate level, -1, 0, +1 your current level. Try to get all mobs in one straight line, and then direct your white lightning through them all. Repeating this process will easily gain you levels.

Targeting with white lightning: To avoid fire your white lightning in a diagonal direction, while try trying to aim it at a mob in front of you, an easy solution would be to, target yourself. Meaning click your character, and let there be a red circle under your character, in doing so, you can direct your white lightning in the direction your character is facing.

This is a very easy, sufficient build, which may take a little time to master.


Melee builds are just like training builds, having high accuracy.

With this build, one should increase Str and Agi, majority being Str of course. So maybe every other level add 1 Agi point. For traits you should do the same with Zanjutsu and Hakuda, majority being Hakuda, this will balance out your offense and defense. Your defense being your dodge.

An importance to melee builds, would be the constant use of your Attack Skills, and Overdrive. Overdrive can be used by pressing the Space bar. While in the overdrive state, your damage increases, you gain the ability to knockback, and you can negate one attack. This clearly is a key ability, being a great offensive/defensive ability.


A decent training build will have a high chance of hit. This build will may vary as you grow in levels.
To successfully create a training build I would advise, going pure, instead of dividing your stats/traits.
In doing so, you will receive the full potential of your build, and experience the best results. "Going Pure" means, pumping your points directly into a single Stat/Trait.

Example: Melee build Pure Str
Kidou build Pure Mgc

To increase your hit, no matter what class you are, you should apply the Hakuda Trait. This Trait will work regardless your class. ( It says hand-to-hand combat, because that's what "Hakuda" means in Bleach )

This is a very simple and effective build.

Once you take notice that you are missing more than usual, as I said "This build may vary as you grow in levels" You may want to apply some agility, in doing this your damage output will decrease, but you will hit your target more often, in theory, the more hits landed, the more damage done overall. Therefore, your accuracy is your best offense.

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